Digital Western Parkland City

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The Digital Western Parkland City 

The Western Parkland City will be one of Australia’s most connected cities with innovative public transport, aviation and digital infrastructure which will bring residents closer to jobs, services, education and the world.


Its burgeoning population is expected to grow from 1,070,000 in 2016 to over 1,534,450 million by 2036 and there will be 200,000 new jobs.


The true potential of the Western Parkland City will be realised when we have:

  • an inclusive and digitally capable region, where everyone has access to opportunities
  • a productive region with flexible, future focused communication infrastructure for fast, reliable and affordable digital connectivity; and
  • a resilient and sustainable region that uses technology to manage natural resources efficiently and is focused on environmental, air and water quality.


Achieving our vision requires true collaboration. An ambitious Smart Western City Program is in the pipeline and it will define the smart place initiatives and solutions for the Western Parkland City.


 The development and delivery of the Smart Western City Program is a commitment as part of the Western Sydney City Deal 

Co-creating the digital city

We need to surface solutions that will deliver on our promise to make Western Sydney the smartest and most connected city it can be.


We are looking to create solutions that work, no matter who provides them and we know we get the best outcomes when we work with industry.


So we called on researchers, innovators, startups, corporates and consortiums to share their ideas and initiatives to tackle big challenges for a growing city across eight key areas.


  • Internet connectivity – terrestrial and mobile connectivity and also IoT networks. Internet connections underpin the future city.
  • Smart monitoring – environmental sensing and real time monitoring of infrastructure and public spaces.
  • Data sharing – providing the fundamentals to house, secure, de-identify and protect data and make is open and available. Smart cities are data driven, and places where data helps people, businesses and governments make better decisions.
  • Smart public spaces – equipping our public green and blue spaces with technologies like movement activated lights, micro-grids and solar power, water sensors and the ability to covey community information in public spaces.
  • Smart transport – developing new transport solutions and preparing for and testing more autonomous vehicles.
  • Community engagement – having digital tools and relevant mediums for the engagement of the community seamlessly across all tiers of Government, to better meet the needs of citizens. 
  • Local jobs – providing solutions that allow people to work at or closer to home.
  • Smart planning and management – creating more digital resources for planning such as digital twins, so that hundreds of scenarios can be pursued and tested in almost real-time and having real time and predictive maintenance – through AI and machine learning needs to be planned for and delivered. 


The response from industry has been amazing.



Industry briefing event


An industry briefing for the technology sector was held on 8 February 2019 to provide an overview of the opportunities arising from the planned development of the Digital Western Parkland City.  


The event was attended by more than 250 delegates and is the first step for the Australian and NSW Government and eight Local Governments to research and plan for the best available infrastructure and public services for the people of Western Sydney.


The event provided delegates with details on the Western Sydney City Deal that relate to digital connectivity and technology and the potential opportunities in transforming the Western Parkland City into a Smart City.


A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here.



Call for ideas


At the industry briefing, the NSW Government, with the Australian Government and the eight Local Government partners put a call out to industry to assist in planning the development of the Digital Western Parkland City.


We invited businesses to submit a prospectus for consideration and assessment before 29 March 2019.


We received 114 prospectuses, some containing multiple initiatives.

These have been assessed by an evaluation panel.

Progressing ideas



A pitchfest event was held on 28 November 2019 and resulted in a number of test and trial initiatives with Local Councils and State agencies. 


The agenda for the invite can be found here.


More information can also be found here



 Market soundings


Market soundings with over 50 companies spanning the eight themes have been completed in Q1 2020.  This process has been used to further build our evidence base for the Smart Western City Program and help us identify the initiatives for the Smart Western City Program.



Next Steps

March 2020 – Market engagement program concludes

April – mid 2020 (Target date) – Smart Western City Program development and engagement

Q3 2020 (target date ) – Smart Western City Program endorsement


Outcomes of the Program

We will adopt the very best ideas and viable products and solutions and pursue these for the Western Parkland City – considering:


  • The impact they will have on achieving our vision and meeting the needs of businesses and citizens in the Parkland City
  • Whether the solution can be scaled or replicated in other places, across NSW or Australia or globally.


Please note, the current process is not a tender process and any discussions are not expected to lead to the award of a contract but may lead to the negotiation of a non-binding agreement to work with Government to further develop your solution in partnership with Government which may form part of the Digital Western Parkland City Program.




The Call for Prospectus process does not constitute a procurement.  The Governments reserve the right to conduct subsequent procurement processes.






You can also find further background information here


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