About The Process

How the Challenge Process Works

We have listened to your feedback and are opening up the doors of government and are asking for your innovative ideas to help solve our challenges.

Innovation Launch is about working with you to understand the value of your idea, how it solves our challenges and provide you with the support required both through funding and implementation opportunities to give your idea the best opportunity to succeed.

 Innovation Launch Process


Funding Ideas

The Innovation Launch Initiative will provide funding to support innovative ideas and proposals subject to ideas being selected for pilot or implementation and meet the funding criteria.


Funding Stages

The applications selected as the winning entries will be awarded up to $150,000 per idea as seed funding to assist with the development of their idea to launch.

Seed funding will be awarded in 3 tranches to ensure the right level of commitment from the applicant in delivering the solution and appropriate management of risk for the program. 


Funding amounts will vary per challenge