Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting an Idea
What if I have an idea that isn't listed as a challenge?
How do I submit my idea?
What should I do if I have started entering in details about my idea but do not have time to post it immediately?
I have posted my idea but would like to make some changes -- can I do that?
Ideas that have been posted can be edited until a challenge is closed. If you are unable to change your submitted idea, you can post a comment on your idea from your My Activity page and a member of the Innovation Team will be in contact.
Can I submit multiple ideas under one submission?
Can I submit an idea that has been suggested in the past but never implemented?
Is it possible to submit anonymous ideas or comments?
What happens after I submit an idea?
Tracking an Idea
How do I get updates or track the status of an idea I submitted?
What if my idea falls outside of the current business plan or the priorities established for a specific functional area? Does this mean my idea will not be considered?
Can I speak with someone about my application?
How quickly will you get back to me about my application?
Is there an application deadline?
What's the funding range for applications?