What we're looking for?



Through the Traceability Grand Challenge we’re looking for solutions in food traceability across the following categories:



1) Policy/regulatory enabling environment, e.g:

  • Deeper business/government stakeholder collaboration including along the entire value chain.

  • The traceability and biosecurity nexus 

  • Ideas, new approaches and solutions for traceability policy/regulatory harmonisation and improved policy coherence across jurisdictions

  • Policy settings and/or models for appropriate financial and transaction cost-sharing across government, industry, primary producers, supply chain actors and consumers.

  • New ways of regulating: for e.g. government coding regulation to a) make it easier for agencies to undertake compliance and surveillance activities b) facilitate Australian based technology providers with greater opportunities to export their services while c) reducing compliance costs for primary industries.


2) Collective efforts to enhance technology solutions and data-driven insights for food traceability, e.g:

  • Government and industry co-operate to enhance industry knowledge and awareness of new, appropriate traceability technologies and best practices

  • How can we best support enhanced technological capabilitiesfor primary industries 

  • New data/analytics approaches for supply chain transparency to enhance food traceability through jointly funded research, demonstration projects, or other partnership-based cooperation


3) Business model and financial model innovations, e.g:

    • Policy and regulatory settings or models that enhance food traceability innovation in Australia


4) Educational/outreach initiatives and approaches

  • Initiatives to educate/inform primary producers, supply chain actors, retailers, consumers and/or policymakers 

  • Efforts related to the animal, plant and human health aspects and benefits of traceability 


5) Research and knowledge agenda

  • Are there significant aspects of policy and/or practice in food traceability that need serious new examination under the auspices of a new research agenda


Please note these examples are not intended to be exclusive or comprehensive. If you believe you have a powerful solution/idea that doesn’t fall within the above, we would like to know about it!