Guidelines & how to apply




If you have a developed technology or solution and would like to consider applying for the Pitch to Pilot program, here is what you need to know!



What are we looking for?


We are looking for solutions or ideas that have already been tested and validated in the market. Applicants are required to nominate the problem and solution they are seeking to resolve that is relevant to one or more of the agencies below:






What is the process:


All applications will be assessed by the selection committee taking into consideration the following: 


    • maturity of the product,
    • quality of the proposal,
    • relevance of the solution to the involved agency, 
    • cost and commerical sustainability, 
    • innovation and feasibility, 
    • team and capability, and 
    • benefit for NSW citizens. 


The best applications will have the opportunity to pitch their proposed solution to the key decision makers at the outlined agencies. 


Agencies have sole discretion to adopt or fund proposed solutions. There is no guarantee of funding or a pilot. 



What should applications demonstrate?


We are looking for applications that can demonstrate the following:

  • Outcomes based solution – a solution with the ability to achieve (or contribute to) the end-goal of improving efficiencies, better services and enhanced outcomes for NSW citizens.

  • Knowledge and approach – a good understanding of the problem you are addressing and how your solution is best fit to resolve it.

  • Innovation – a unique approach to service delivery or product design that can deliver quality outcomes for NSW citizens. 

  • Commercial sustainability – a clear and realistic budget and business plan for the solution and ability to sustain commercial momentum.

  • Team and capability – a strong team or partnership with the knowledge, skills and experience to successfully bring the product or service to market.




Pitch Event


Shortlisted candidates will be notified if they are solicted to pitch before the NSW Government panel at the pitch event on November 8th. Shortlisted applicants will be expected to attend and pitch at the event, and if are unavaliable their application will not be considered.


The event will be open to the public. 


Further details will be provided to shortlisted applicants. 




How to Apply


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