Jxeeno - Kenneth Tsang

Application includes sensors, direction and

notification to assist navigation at train stations, particularly major interchange stations.



App&Town Compagnon

Mass Factory Urban Accessible Mobility - Faustino Cuadrado

Intelligent guidance system that uses geolocation technologies to guide and ensure safety of users through remote supervision.



Autism CRC Public Transport Smart Cities

Autism CRC - Cheryl Mangan, Mortaza Rezae

An app designed to assist people on the spectrum plan and manage their journeys, while also providing real time support through various de-escalation functionalities and the go re-routing and notifications.



Dynamic Car Parks

Newie Ventures - Heath Raftery, Chad Ramage, Andrew Hunter

Online platform that integrates bollards, sensors, digital signage to enable better allocation and usage of accessible car parking spaces.



Integrate Wheelchair Accessible Taxis with Public Transport

Metarove - Martin Smyrk, Allan Richards

Replacing the current paper docket-based system with an intelligent digital application that co-ordinates payment, authorisation improving the journey experience for both passengers, taxi drivers and government.



Lend A Hand

Future Gov - Isabella Wallington

Lend-A-Hand comuter service matches everyday commuters willing to help individuals with a disability taking the same journey.



Personalised Trip Companion with Accessibility Information

Skedgo - Jayen Asher, Brian Huang, Claus Von Hessberg

An application that facilitates better journey experience by improving flow of real time information to the end user while also assisting disabled persons to navigate interchanges and real-time guidance at stations.



Talking Bus Stops

Elise Chant

Talking Bus Stops, a conversational assistant that provides timely and relevant info from the bus stop.



Wheelchair Accessibility Carshare Vehicle Network

GoGet - Jonathan Englert, Catherine Nguyen

Expand GoGet's current fleet of cars that allow for wheelchair accessibility.