Submissions have now closed 



Next Steps




If you submitted a prospectus you will have received an email acknowledging receipt of your prospectus as part of the development of a Digital Western Parkland City.  Your prospectus will now be assessed.


We had an overwhelming response to our call for prospectus with over 100 submissions received.


In order to give each prospectus due consideration, we have adjusted the timings of our program and next steps.


The pitchfest event will be rescheduled to mid-2019. We will provide an update when the date and location is confirmed.


Please see the ‘Key Dates’ page for an update on the time frame for the wider program.







How the Challenge Process Works

We have listened to your feedback and are opening up the doors of government and are asking for your innovative ideas to help solve our challenges.

Innovation Launch is about working with you to understand the value of your idea, how it solves our challenges and provide you with the support required both through funding and implementation opportunities to give your idea the best opportunity to succeed.

 Innovation Launch Process