The Food Traceability Challenge



How might government and industry deliver a business environment in NSW where food traceability works for everyone?


There are many benefits and opportunities that come with food traceability. The ability to accurately and securely trace food from ‘paddock to plate’ would potentially reduce overall cost to primary industries, strengthen industry and government response to animal and human health risks and create international competitive advantage for Australian primary industries. It could also help Australia (including NSW) to leverage its clean and green credentials, and demonstrate its commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.


At the same time, we know there are significant barriers holding actors along the supply chain back from achieving these benefits. There are barriers around cost, including costs agribusinesses incur when exporting to foreign markets due to inefficient regulation and high transactional costs associated with implementing food traceability systems. Policy has not kept pace with emerging technologies creating uncertainty, slowed adoption and frustration (e.g. smart contracts). There are technological capability barriers as well - industry needs to be abreast of new emerging technologies and have the capability to make informed decisions and implement internally to optimise their business models. 


So, our Traceability Grand Challenge is placing a strong emphasis on what business and government can do together to create a strong, streamlined business environment where traceability is an asset to Australian food and agriculture, not a burden.


How the Challenge Process Works

We have listened to your feedback and are opening up the doors of government and are asking for your innovative ideas to help solve our challenges.

Innovation Launch is about working with you to understand the value of your idea, how it solves our challenges and provide you with the support required both through funding and implementation opportunities to give your idea the best opportunity to succeed.

 Innovation Launch Process