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NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation


The NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) is a service provider and regulator. DFSI supports sustainable government finances, major public works and maintenance programs, government procurement, information and communications technology, corporate and shared services, consumer protection, administration of State taxation and revenue collection, and NSW land and property aministration. The Innovation NSW Team that facilitates Innovation programs is co-ordinating the Pitch to Pilot program.  



NSW Department of Industry

The NSW Department of Industry creates conditions for the NSW community to prosper, ensuring we have a highly-skilled workforce, we manage our natural resources sustainably and we encourage investment and competition. The NSW Department of Industry manages the $100 million Smart, Skilled and Hired program, which has provided the funding for the Youth Employment Innovation Challenge. 


About the Innovation Launch Process 

NSW is tackling complex economic, environmental and social challenges and the NSW Government is seeking to stimulate economic activity while addressing these challenges by being more receptive to innovation. The Innovation Launch Program, an initiative of NSW Government, is a key component of the NSW Government’s Innovation Strategy. Through the Innovation Launch Program, the NSW Government is collaborating with the private sector to solve complex challenges. Rather than prescribing solutions, Innovation Launch Program clearly defines the issues confronting the state of NSW and seeks applications from the private sector including start-ups, researchers, NGOs (Non-Government Agencies) and corporates. Selected applicants are provided funding and incubation support to develop and test novel solutions. In 2017 the Innovation Launch Program was trialled with two challenges posed to the private sector.


Smart Cities and Accessibility - called on businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to make our cities smarter and more accessible for people with disability. The challenge was run in partnership with Transport for NSW.


Reducing domestic violence reoffending - called on businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to harness the latest technologies to create a digital platform that will change defendant behaviour and reduce domestic violence reoffending. The challenge was run in partnership with NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Behavioural Insights Team and NSW Department of Justice.


Innovation Launch Process








How the Challenge Process Works

We have listened to your feedback and are opening up the doors of government and are asking for your innovative ideas to help solve our challenges.

Innovation Launch is about working with you to understand the value of your idea, how it solves our challenges and provide you with the support required both through funding and implementation opportunities to give your idea the best opportunity to succeed.

 Innovation Launch Process