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NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

The NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) is a service provider and regulator. DFSI supports sustainable government finances, major public works and maintenance programs, government procurement, information and communications technology, corporate and shared services, consumer protection, administration of State taxation and revenue collection, and NSW land and property administration. The Innovation Team that facilitates the Innovation Launch program is co-ordinating the Youth Employment Innovation Challenge. 




About Innovation NSW

Innovation NSW drives innovation across the NSW public sector by partnering with government agencies and the private sector to solve complex economic, environmental and social challenges. 


Innovation Challenges


Under this program, the NSW Government is collaborating with the private sector to leverage advancements in technology to solve complex problems Rather than prescribing solutions, the program's innovative approach looks to the solutions being created by startups, researchers, NGOs and corporates, and works with these partners to apply their innovation to the relevant government context Previous Innovation Challenges have included:


  • Smart and Accessible Cities

  • Reducing Domestic Violence Reoffending

  • Youth Employment Innovation Challenge


NSW Innovation Observatory (NIO)


The NSW Innovation Observatory (NIO) is a self-service platform that allows start-up professionals to access the relevant information they need to grow and develop their start-up from ideation to expansion. The Innovation NSW team built the NIO after receiving multiple requests from entrepreneurs in NSW for advice and assistance. Rather than triaging individual requests, the team identified that the innovation community would be better served by accessing key government and industry information through an engaging digital interface


Spark Innovation Program


The Spark Innovation Challenge program engages staff in identifying, prototyping and testing innovative solutions to specific corporate problems and building capability through action


Future Economy Breakfast Series


The Future Economy Breakfast Series connects entrepreneurs, industry professionals, investors, and innovators across the start-up and business communities. These events put attendees at the forefront of innovation in NSW and provide the opportunity to network with other professionals and gather insights into the latest industry trends. This enables professionals to work together to tackle challenges and grow featured sectors. Previous breakfast topic events have included drone technology, quantum and nanotech technology, blockchain, Al & machine Learning and social entrepreneurship.



Innovation NSW also provides advice and support to the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation and to the innovation ecosystem by sponsoring various initiatives including:


  • Israel Calling;
  • Visiting Entrepreneurs Program, and
  • NSW-lsrael Research and Development (R&D) and Technological Innovation Program


How the Challenge Process Works

We have listened to your feedback and are opening up the doors of government and are asking for your innovative ideas to help solve our challenges.

Innovation Launch is about working with you to understand the value of your idea, how it solves our challenges and provide you with the support required both through funding and implementation opportunities to give your idea the best opportunity to succeed.

 Innovation Launch Process